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From "Eric Kow" <>
Subject javax.xml.soap.Name - getters return empty string
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 16:45:07 GMT

I was wondering if anybody has experienced a similar problem.  I am
trying to convert from a SOAPElement to a String, but i seem to be
getting empty strings when i use the getLocalName(), getURI(), etc
functions in javax.xml.soap.Name.  

Right now, if i try to do the conversion from SOAPElement to String
(attached SOAPUtil.convertSOAPElementToString), the attached XML file
comes out looking like this:

< ="rep1" ="rep1" ="rep1"><></>< ="e0"><></><><></></><></><
="Peter"></><></>< ="System"></><></></><></><
<></>< ="e1" ="e1" ="e1"></><></>< ="System" ="System"
="System"></><></>< ="Use r" ="User" ="User"></><></><
="User" ="User"
="User"></><></>< ="set1" ="set1" = "set1"></><></><
="set1" ="set1"
="set1"></><></>< ="e3" ="e3" ="e3"></><></></>

(in case anybody's mail reader is being boneheaded, basically, i get
attribute values and nothing else)

Would anybody know if the implementation for this interface is faulty in
any way?  Or is it the more likely case that i'm just not understanding
the API properly?



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