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From Phil Cornelius <>
Subject AXIS + JBOSS consolidated web services
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 09:34:35 GMT
I am running AXIS 1.0 under JBoss to expose my EJBs as SOAP
services..(works great!!)

I have two separate servers; one global and one local.. I need to call a
SOAP service on the global server from a session bean method on my local

I am using bean wrapped arrays of beans and so rather than hand code, I
consumed the wsdl to create the proxies.. problem is when I include the
proxies in my ear file on the local server I get classloader conflicts
with the AXIS web app that is also running..

I have tried using JBoss.NET that bundles AXIS 1.1beta but there are too
many bugs.. malformed WSDL.. incorrect proxy generation etc.. one thing
after another used up the last two days..

I have tried isolating the classloader of my app which removes the
conflicts but means that AXIS can't find needed classes in my ear..

Some of the options I am considering are:
1. put the axis war file in my ear file (doesn't feel right)
2. somehow move axis to the jboss lib directory (briefly tried this..
didn't work.. then I discovered that jboss.NET comes with the standard
3. Use a different lightweight SOAP provider (like Apache SOAP) just for
the session bean call.. (I am worried about compatibility and the fact
that I am using bean wrapped arrays of beans.. i.e. i'd really like to
use the wsdl generated proxies)

Has anyone any advice on how to proceed? I need to stick with the stable
AXIS 1.0.


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