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From "Paolo Paganotto" <>
Subject Re: .Net Interop: JavaBean -> WSDL -> c# proxy
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 16:24:50 GMT

> Paolo,
>   Thanks again for your advice.  I'm using wsdl.exe to generate the proxy.
>   What specifically about ConceptBean is "too complex" or otherwise
>   From my point of view, ConceptBean is an extremely simple object.
Regarding the "logic" of the class, why does it matter?  The bean serializer
should only serialize state, right?  Methods that don't start in "get" or
"set", or aren't public, shouldn't matter.
>   Basically, I need to know where to draw the line.  Is the problem the
depth of my object graph?  Can beans only have primitives (and not other
beans) as attributes?
>   In a perfect world, I suppose my web service would only deal in
primitives.  In reality, I have an existing Java API that I would like to
wrap with a web service.  Perhaps I should look into custom serializers...
>   In the meantime, I'll check your theory that the ConceptBean object is
the problem by creating a new service that dispenses Form objects.
>   - Matt

==>Yes, logic shouldn't matter, as you say just only state is serialized.
But I experienced the same kinds of problems as you do now, when I began
developing WS.
As I said, it is enough that you forget a setter or a getter for a member
and .NET isn't able to translate the bean in a corresponding type.
Pretty simple types, like hashtable, are mapped as "map" by Axis, but .NET
isn't able to deserialize them.
So, when I develop my services, I prefer to keep as much logic as I can into
the Classes at Server side, and send simple beans (yes, you can use beans as
attributes of a bean) as parameters. This is a common practice that lots of
programmers teach.
I didn't look in depth into your bean, but at a first glance I deemed it
"hazardous" to be sent as a whole parameter, but maybe it is just only a
matter of opinions....
Maybe it is ok and it is just only a matter of null any case,
keeping parameters simple simplify our life.....


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