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From "Jeremy Hughes" <>
Subject Re: [wsif] EJB exceptions
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 16:51:01 GMT
Take a look at the ShoppingCart test:


 <message name="CreateException">
  <part name="createException" type="typens:createException" />


 <portType name="ShoppingCart_EJBPortType">

  <operation name="createOperation">
   <input name="in1" message="tns:CreateRequest" />
   <output name="out1" message="tns:CreateResponse" />
   <fault name="ft1" message="tns:CreateException" />


<ejb:binding ...
 <format:typeMapping encoding="Java" style="Java">
 <format:typeMap typeName="typens:createException"
formatType="shop.CreateException" />

(typens and tns are mapped to the same thing in <definitions>

Hope that helps ... perhaps the EJB extension page:
could have more info. :-)

BTW: is now our official user list.


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Subject: [wsif] EJB exceptions

WSIF question: Can EJB exceptions be thrown and caught via the EJB
provider? Does the WSDL extension support defining exception types?

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