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From "Paul Andrews" <>
Subject More java2wsdl questions
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2003 21:41:58 GMT
I've noticed what I think are a few problems with the WSDL that
java2wsdl generates (I might well be wrong though, I'm fairly new to

- If a method is void, I get empty message definitions defined for the
return value.
- If a method takes no arguments I get an empty message definition for
the arguments.
- If a class has only one or zero attributes, I still get a <sequence>
element in its type definition.


Abstract public class MyClass

public interface MyService
	public MyClass getValue() { ... }
	public void setValue(MyClass value) { ... }



   <complexType abstract="true" name="MyClass">


   <wsdl:message name="setValueResponse">


   <wsdl:message name="getValueRequest">


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