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From "Nicolas Dinh" <>
Subject AXIS App. Design/Architecture
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 15:01:28 GMT
<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV>
is my first time designing and implementing a system on AXIS.</></></></P>
trying to design an application that will require the use of such resources as sockets, database
connections, file I/O.&nbsp;I<><><>f
i'm not mistaken, whenever I invoke a method on an object that is running on top of the AXIS
servlet, that object is instantiated and threaded. For example, I have, say a 'Server' object,
that implements a logOn(), logOff(), createUser(), listUsers() methods. These methods all
connect to a database and do some type of file logging. Since the 'Server' object will be
threaded for each session, I&nbsp;foresee</></></></></></><><><><><><>
issues&nbsp;in resource conflicts/management and race conditions&nbsp;('classical'
issues&nbsp;regarding multi-threaded design)&nbsp;when multiple 'Server' threads have
been spawned.&nbsp;</></></></></></></P>
had the idea of using&nbsp;'static' 'Manager' classes (DBManager, SocketManager) to manage
these pools of resources. Is there an approach to instantiate a single, static 'Manager' class
(that will not destroyed until the AXIS servlet is shutdown) that these threaded objects can
all commonly use to do this type of resource management?</></></></P>
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