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From Norris Merritt <>
Subject RE: consuming document-style web services
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 16:33:46 GMT
 You can consume a document style service with an RPC-style client. For
example, if you download the wsdl for the "Shakespeare" service (which is a
fun little document-style service on xmethods) and feed it to the Axis
wsdl2java tool, it will generate Java objects which can be used to
communicate RPC-style with the service. I've done this, so I know it works.

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From: Jonnycattt
Sent: 1/2/2003 11:13 PM
Subject: consuming document-style web services

Hi all,

  quick question: i see on xmethods that the .NET services are all
Document style. Do I use the same approach to consuming these services
as RPC services? I don't remember seeing any examples (or mention of
differences in consuming) for Document style services in the docs.

And another quick .NET question: If I code a java web service and use
axis to deploy it, what's the easiest (and free) way for me to test for
.NET interop?

Thanks all.


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