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From "Naresh Bhatia" <>
Subject RE: How to deploy two web services in one web container?
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 12:18:14 GMT
Hi Alan,
I think I get it. Please let me know if my understanding is incorrect -
I can use AdminClient to deploy the two web services (represented by two
different deploy.wsdd files). This will add both the services to
server-config.wsdd. Axis servlet will now handle both web services.

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	From: Alan Buxton [] 
	Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2003 5:02 AM
	Subject: Re: How to deploy two web services in one web
	So far as I am aware, Axis can support an arbitrary number of
web services. In fact, if you look in the default server-config.wsdd
file you'll probably see two services defined (though they may be
commented out). 
	I'm not sure I follow your question about two different webapps.
One Axis instance can handle services that belong to any number of
different .wars or .jars or .ears
	on 27/1/03 7:10 PM, Naresh Bhatia at wrote:

		I would like to deploy two web services in the same web
container. What is the recommended approach for doing this? I was
thinking of two possibilities: 
		1) One Web App with two services defined in
server-config.wsdd. Is this possible? 
		2) Two separate Web Apps? This would mean running two
Axis servlets on two different ports. 
		Naresh Bhatia 

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