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From "Niklas Magnusson" <>
Subject RE: SOAP header-based sessions and .NET
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 14:03:34 GMT
Sorry, have one more question...
How can I get the SOAP header information to be in the WSDL I thought I
had it there but that was not the case. It's not even in the right
place, it's not there at all so I have two problems.
1. Get the SOAP header in the WSDL and in the right place.
2. Turn the header into a complex type so .NET can handle it.
Any one who have an answer or some help?
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From: Niklas Magnusson [] 
Sent: den 8 januari 2003 14:14
Subject: RE: SOAP header-based sessions and .NET

Ok, as you probably already have figured out I'm trying to use the
SimpleSessionHandler class which I have added in the request and
response flow of the service. So .NET must have a complex type get it
work. Do you have a tip on how I fix this? Right now I don't have a

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Sent: den 7 januari 2003 16:50
Subject: RE: SOAP header-based sessions and .NET

If you WSDL contains the corresponding SOAP header information at the
right place, then .NET will pick it up automatically and the generated
code when adding the web reference will take care of it automatically
(check WSDL spec to see how SOAP headers are declared in the WSDL).
One thing to be aware of: .NET cannot handle the header automatically if
it is not a complex type (if it is just one element of type xsd:string
like it is in the soap header session handler sample delivered with
axis, it will not work, you need to have a specific complex type, even
if this type has only one field which is a string).

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From: Niklas Magnusson [] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 10:43 AM
Subject: SOAP header-based sessions and .NET

I've a service in Axis that uses SOAP header-based sessions it works
fine but if I wan't to use this service from a C# program how do I add
the sessionID to the SOAP header in the request?

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