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From Chris Forbis <>
Subject RE: qualified names vs. multiRefs
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2003 18:14:07 GMT
Why it does this I am not sute.  (I am far from an Axis expert)  but... I
had this issue a while ago with a test application I was working with.  You
might want to search this list because I know someone gave me a setting to
put in an axis config file and it stopped axis from using multiRef's

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From: Dan Stone [] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 3:38 PM
Subject: qualified names vs. multiRefs

My AXIS RPC service takes a bean for an argument. This bean contains an
array of another bean.
The server is configured to map these beans based on qualified names as
defined in the beanMappings in the server-config.wsdd.

.NET clients are able to create requests to the service that use the
necessary qualified name.
My AXIS client is not.  I get a 'Server.NoService' fault.

The problem seems to stem from the 'multiRef' labeling of the array

If I change 'multiRef' to the qualified name of the type of bean in the
array (as defined in the beanMappings), and manually POST the SOAP Envelope
to the end-point, I can get the service to recognize the type and things
work great...

example -
<multiRef id="id1" xsi:type="ns4:Request" xmlns:ns4="someNS">....

<ns4:Request id="id1" xsi:type="ns4:Request" xmlns:ns4="someNS">....

Can anyone shed some light here? This only seems to cause difficulties
within the array, because I DON'T need to alter the 'multiRef' name of the
bean that CONTAINS this array and the service recognizes ITS correct type!

I have tried with multiRefs 'off' on the client, and the service still can't
seem to recognize the beans...

Is there a way to define the qualified name for the array elements? 


Dan Stone

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