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From "Jacques-Olivier Goussard" <>
Subject wsif - complex type/java bean mapping
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 14:20:32 GMT
I'm trying to build a generic webservice client that
can handle complex types and is runtime configurable. 
Ideally, I wouldn't want users to have to provide a stub 
for their complex types.
The WSIF documentation seems to indicate that any well
behaved bean can be used to map complex types on the client
side, but all the examples use WSDL2Java stubs, that contain
AXIS deserialization routines. So
1 - Is there a way to map complex types to a simple bean (no 
AXIS getSerializer/getDesrializer routines)?
2 - If not, how can I register at runtime bean deserializers 
for AXIS from the WSIF interface ?

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