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From "Zhaohua Meng" <>
Subject Re: How to implement a serializer/deserializer
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 15:22:43 GMT
I agree with you and I'm reading the Axis source code. I checked your 
site several times and found a lot of useful information. Can I ask you 
a big favour: put a tutorial there about how to write custom 
serializer/deserializer. That would benefit all of us here. I'd like to 
contribute once I figured it out.

Thank you very much.
PS. I already order the Axis book.
Dennis Sosnoski wrote:
> Custom serialization for Axis has nothing to do with 
> and such. The best Axis book is "AXIS: Next 
> Generation Java SOAP" from Wrox. This provides pretty good coverage of 
> Axis overall, though only about 8 pages on custom serialization.
> Zhaohua, besides the encoding sample code you might also want to look in 
> the Axis source code to view how the built-in serializer/deserializers 
> are written. These are in the org.apache.axis.encoding.ser package. As 
> far as I know the only difference between these and custom serializers 
> you write yourself are that these are mapped to types by default - when 
> you write your own, you'll need to define it in the WSDD to make it 
> usable by Axis.
>  - Dennis
> Dennis M. Sosnoski
> Enterprise Java, XML, and Web Services Support
> Redmond, WA  425.885.7197
> Mark Galbreath wrote:
>> Read the Java API documentation for the package, especially
>>, and
>> Then, read Graham, et al, "Building Web Services with Java" (Sams, 
>> 2002) -
>> the best treatment on the subject to date (with an entire chapter 
>> devoted to
>> Axis).
>> Mark
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Zhaohua Meng [] Sent: Wednesday, January 
>> 22, 2003 5:03 PM
>> Does anybody know where I can find some documentation on how to 
>> implement a custom serializer? I'm new to Web Services and Axis and 
>> was given a task to make our existing Java apps Web Services ready. I 
>> have a hard time understanding how a serializer/deserializer should be 
>> implemented, even after I looked at the examples provided at the 
>> samples/encoding package.
>> Thanks,
>> Zhaohua

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