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From Gene Chuang <>
Subject Re: AxisServlet - How does it instantiate service objects ?
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 18:05:48 GMT

I don't know if its possible for Axis to construct DP instance directly, unless there's a
way to put in the .wsdd your DPFactoryImpl class which constructs the DP instance.  (Analogous
to putting the JNDIFactory so Axis can look construct the appropriate context to look up an
EJB).  I believe Axis either needs to instantiate the service impl using public constructor,
or have acces to a Factory interface to call Factory.getService(yourService.)
A possible alternative is to have Axis WSDL2Java construct YourServiceSoapBindingImpl class
and have each method impl delegate to your DP.  But by then it's pretty pointless;  you might
as well invoke the corresponding SLSB method directly from there.
 Nicholas <> wrote:Yes, I did figure out how to do that. I found some
examples on-line. (It may be my problem, but it looks
like that little gem of information is missing in the
Axis 1.0 docs).

At any rate, in pursuit of some additional
flexibility, I am still interested in using dynamic
proxies to invoke SLSBs in Axis.


--- Gene Chuang wrote:
> I remember reading somewhere in the docs that axis
> can automatically generate Web services stubs to
> SLSBs, so there shouldn't be a need to write your
> own DP layer. Not sure now where the link is, maybe
> someone else can chime in...
> Nicholas wrote:I am attempting
> to create a low-code-required solution
> to expose Session EJBs via Axis. I was hoping to
> make
> the actual Axis cervice classes be implemented as
> dynamic proxies that would direct actual invocation
> to
> EJBRemote objects. The problem is, I think the
> AxisServlet (or whichever specific class does this)
> does not support classes that have private
> constructors, and for my dynamic proxy, I need the
> invoker to use a getInstance() method instead.
> Any ideas ?
> //Nicholas
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> Nicholas Whitehead
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Nicholas Whitehead
Home: (973) 377 9335
Cell: (201) 615 2716
Work: (212) 622 5639
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