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From Gene Chuang <>
Subject Re: axis ant task in netbeans
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 04:05:36 GMT

Yup, I switched to <java> to invoke all the axis tools and my problems are gone... 
Found out even the StackOverflowException I reported was directly caused by:
<taskdef classpathref="axis.classpath" resource=""/>
This tag causes the overflow even if I'm invoking a target that does not use an axis-task.
 I will stop beta-testing the axis tasks until they are proven more stable :-)
 Michael Rimov <> wrote:At 02:28 PM 1/2/2003 -0800, you wrote:

> >Well, ant does its thing differently; you can't really align the 
> codebase that well
>Given that axis standalone commandlines (WSDL2Java, Java2WSDL and Admin) 
>are more stable and better supported than their ant-task counterparts, 
>would it be simply better (or possible) for me to write 's that 
>invoke of the former java programs rather than trying to run the 
>axis ant-tasks?


I did that myself, and it works fantastic. Been doing that since RC-1.


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