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From "Dave Searle" <>
Subject RE: Service instance
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 22:57:22 GMT
Ok thanks a lot Vidyanand - before I start checking out the source code
a bit further, is there anyway to set an object as the instantiated
service easily using the current api, before the service method is
called? (on the server end, rather than the client)

This would be very useful because my service is already instantiated and
working in the background when it is called.

Any assistance would be very grateful indeed! :)
Cheers lads,

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From: Vidyanand Murunikkara [] 
Sent: 07 January 2003 22:26
Subject: RE: Service instance

Hi Dave

I guess  u wanted to know where the class that represents service that
is being called in being instantiated. Check out for that. Look specifically
for getNewServiceObject method.


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From: Dave Searle []
Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 2:00 PM
Subject: FW: Service instance

Hi all,

Where abouts (in the code) does the Axis engine create an instance of a
service? I would like the axis server to call itself, and I don't want
it to create a new instance, but I would like to pass across an already
instanstiated object? Does this make sense? (Probably not :) )

I'm using the latest release of apache axis and the TCP transport sample

I've narrowed it down to here. Is the service instantiated in the invoke
method of the engine or the getResponse method

     		engine.invoke( msgContext );
            catch( Exception e ) {
                AxisFault fault = AxisFault.makeFault(e);
                msgContext.setResponseMessage( new Message(fault) );

            /* Send it back along the wire...  */
            msg = msgContext.getResponseMessage();


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