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From "James Carman" <>
Subject Re: Packaging Axis...
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 12:44:10 GMT
I finally got my implementation working.  What I did, since I wasn't familiar with the server-config.wsdd
file, was to deploy my web service using the axis webapp.  Then, I took a copy of its server-config.wsdd
file and ripped out the stuff I didn't want, like the admin service.  I used that in my webapp
with the AxisServlet defined in my web.xml file and presto!  It worked like a charm.  There
were some other constructs in the server-config.wsdd file that I neglected to set up (ignorace
is bliss).  As far as using an initialization servlet, let's remember that the servlet specification
has changed so that we no longer need initialization servlets.  We can use javax.servlet.ServletContextListeners
(I think that's the name of the interface) to initialize our web applications.  No more forgetting
to put the load-on-startup element in our web.xml file.  That's the preferred method of web
application initialization now.
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  From: Gene Chuang 
  Sent: Friday, January 03, 2003 2:34 AM
  Subject: Re: Packaging Axis...

  I will eventually be packing axis in my webapp as well for transportability across servlet
containers, so thanks for the pointers! 

  This does bring up an issue that perhaps has been addressed on this board before: I'm assuming
that most J2EE vendor implementation of Web services is done using the Servlet container as
a "host", I'm wondering if there are talks or actions to integrate Java Web Services into
the Web-app specs so that: 

  1)  a Web service can be deployed in web.xml just like a Servlet
  2)  architectures like Axis that use chain of Handlers can reimplement this as Servlet Filters
  3)  Web service impl classes can be hot-redeployed like Servlets 

  Perhaps an intermediate step (since getting JCP specs to change takes time) would be for
Tomcat to adopt Axis and ship it under one OOB package.  This would still require vendor-specific
deployment process, but at least its better than what it is right now, which is also vendor-specific
but difficult to integrate OOB.  


   Mir Shafiqul Islam <> wrote: 

    All you would need to is have axis.jar and other axis related jar files 
    in your WEB-INF/lib directory before "war"ing your web application. In 
    the web.xml file you need to define what the service location will be 
    and add proper entry for the servlet. You can take al the entries in 
    web.xml file which was shipped with the axis distribution and add those 
    in your own web.xml file.

    Also if you want axis to automatically deploy your service when the war 
    is deployed, then you need to do the following:
    1) Create your own Initialization servlet which will use the 
    AdminServlet to do the deployment
    2) Supply the deploy.wsdd file in the war file or put it in a location 
    that your servlet can read from.
    3) put entries in the web.xml file so that your init servlet gets 
    initialized at the deploy time.

    Here is a sample entry for init servlet in web.xml

    Initialize Servlet


    not sure if it clears up for you, you may need to readup a bit on the 
    user guide as well and experiement before things will start to work.


    James Carman wrote:

    >I would like to package the AxisServlet in my webapp along with other pieces
    >of my distributed application (Java WebStart servlet, etc.). How do I "war
    >up" my files so that when I place my WAR file in the webapps directory of a
    >server, it will already have my service deployed? I've tried supplying my
    >own /WEB-INF/server-config.wsdd file containing only my service, but that
    >didn't seem to work. When I tried to view the WSDL file, it returned a 404
    >error. I don't want to have to run the AdminClient. I want this thing to
    >work "out of the box." Any thoughts/ideas?
    >James Carman, President
    >Carman Consulting, Inc.
    >1218 Bob White Ct.
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