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From Chris Schaefer <>
Subject Re: xsd:String encoded with zero at the end...
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 17:55:23 GMT
At 9:49 AM -0800 12/18/02, Steve Loughran wrote:
> > I'm guessing this is an issue in
>There is certainly something going awry with whatever is putting the data on
>the wire.
>> Anybody have a clue, or seen this before?
>no. Where is the data coming from? How are zero bytes getting onto the ends
>of strings? Are they coming from a database or something?
>I suspect that the 00 is getting into the strings from some external source,
>and because java can have nulls in strings (its not the terminator), it is
>getting put on the wire.

The strings come from parsing ID3 tags in MP3 files.  Perhaps these 
are zero terminated?
I'll convert one to a byte array and look at it in that form to see 
what I can see.

Still, even if the source strings are zero terminated, the serializer 
should not
allow 0x0 characters onto the wire.  muy no goodo!


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