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From Michael Hudson <>
Subject Weblogic 6.1 sp4 WAR problem
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 23:59:48 GMT

Can anybody confirm this?

>From what I've been reading on the 'net and from what I'm experiencing,
Class-Path entry in the file inside of a WAR file doesn't work
correctly for Weblogic 6.1 (I'm using sp4), nor does it work for early
versions of 7.0 (I don't have 7.0, so I don't know).

Specifically, one is suppose to be able to reference utility jar files
within the Class-Path entry of a WAR's file.  That way
multiple WARs as well as EJBs can reference the same classes.  However,
this doesn't seem to work with Weblogic... but from what people are saying
it does work with WebSphere and JBoss.  Is this true?

The reason I ask is because of the problem I posted on here yesterday.
That is... I should be able to take the AXIS jars out of my AXIS WAR's
WEB-INF/lib directory and put them on the root EAR level...  at the same
level as my AXIS WAR.  I should then be able to change the AXIS WAR's file, so that it's Class-Path entry points to all the Axis JAR

Though everything I've read says this should work... it doesn't.

It gives me a ClassNotFound error.

However it gives me a ClassNotFound error for javax.xml.soap.SOAPException
after it gets the AxisServlet class.  Which means it IS finding my
axis.jar file in the root level of the EAR, but somehow the classloader is
specific to just that axis.jar, and won't go outside of it to find any
other dependent classes.


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