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From "jimmy coyne" <>
Subject RE: So how do non-Microsoft people consume web services?
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 17:41:39 GMT
xmlBus from iona  also have a very complete set of tools for the  Automation
of  wsdl/uddi etc

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From: easter []
Sent: 12 December 2002 11:58
Subject: Re: So how do non-Microsoft people consume web services?

I was specifically asking about IDE support for ws's.
We're are the same state now as we were years back in the beginning of html.
Back then, you edited it by hand, these days, very little need to code
directly in html.
Similarly for ws. We currently need to write by hand wsdl and stubs and
wsdl2java and java2wsdl and then
all the code, all that unnecesary complication.
But already wsdl editors such as that by Capeclear are making the
process a lot easier, hiding all the
unneccesary complicated details.
Similarly, some IDE's such as Micro$oft VB allows you to plug directly
into a UDDI registry to browse for
web services, and then just drag and drop them onto your application.
Eventually most IDE's will support this, much in the same way as Borland
Delphi 's much copied interface
for constructing GUI applications.

I was just wondering if we're anywhere near that stage yet, and
apparently the answer is NO.
Microsoft is way ahead on this one, but I'm sure we'll soon see some
decent Forte and SunONE tools
coming out, and hopefully also in tools like Netbeans and Eclipse.
So for the moment I'll have to stick to Xemacs and WSIF!


Hope this helps understand the question.

Mike Spreitzer wrote:

>Can anyone please help me understand the original request here?  Axis has
>WSDL2Java; after using that, I have an ordinary Java development problem.
>Why isn't this the answer?
>Feeling dense today,

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