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From "Saravanan Markandeyan" <>
Subject REPOST: Exception in MessageContext.getOperation (Help pleaseeee)
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 17:52:49 GMT

> I am trying to authorize users on a per-method-call basis.
> Basically, to check for user credentials before allowing a 
> particular call to proceed. I do this in a handler. I have a
> handler set up which performs authentication. What I
> also need to do is find the method name so that I can
> figure out whether or not the method that was called is something
> that this user is allowed to call. I tried the
> MessageContext.getOperation(),
> for some reason it always returns a null. I also checked the axis users
> mailing list,
> someone had this problem earlier and also, there was a solution that
> was posted which involved performing operations on the SOAPEnvelope
> (Getting the
> body and getting all the elements). 
> <> 
> That is a way to do it, though, in my case,
> this is something that I need to do on EVERY request. I was wondering
> if anyone knows of another way to do and also if the
> MessageContext.getOperation()
> has a BUG?
> Thanks in advance
> -Saravanan

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