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From Ken Pelletier <>
Subject SOAP-ENC:base64 encoding of UTF-8 strings
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 03:56:59 GMT
I'm finding a particular service to be encoding strings as base64 when 
they contain any 8bit chars, although they are all within the UTF8 

I'm using a bean deserializer to receive this complex type, and only on 
very rare occasions will a string come back as base64 rather than 

This leads to a type mismatch when the bean deserializer tries to set 
the bean property, which is a String.

Given that base64 gets deserialized as a byte[], and I know that this 
byte array safely contains a UTF8 String, what can I do to get the 
deserializer to do the byte[] to String conversion and set the bean 

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