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From "Quinn, Kim John" <>
Subject RE: Problems with Deserialization
Date Sun, 15 Dec 2002 17:17:08 GMT
Thanks Vidyanand,

I guess whats kicking my ass right now is the fact I cant seem no matter
what to get this to work on the client in Java.  I even moved to the latest
build of Axis and plugged it into the latest version of JBoss.  

You were right, the .NET side did generate the proxy.  The closest I've been
able to come though is to define the additional classes in the WSDL as
abstract and then in the .NET side modify the attribute that says they are
abstract to concrete.

It looks like I need to create proxy's though on the java side for all of my
objects too though - is this correct?  I guess I'm confused on how to use my
interfaces as opposed to doing this and defining it in the WSDL.  Are there
any samples you know of?


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From: Vidyanand Murunikkara
Sent: 12/15/02 6:17 AM
Subject: RE: Problems with Deserialization

>Here's my questions:
>1) Could this have something to do with defining as a RPC vs. Wrapped?

I dont think in your case it really matters what you are using

>2) Since I can see the TCPMon and it looks right and since the error is
>client-side, does that suggest it might be something there?

I have used pretty complex beans and it seems to work fine. ANd yes if
there is somethign wrong then it surely is in the client side since
everything seems to be prefect till the message gets to the client side

>3) By defining the "person" bean inside the WSDL will this allow my
>client to invoke the method on the WebService and actually recieve a
>"Person" object?  If so, would I need proxy's on the .NET side for this
>to do something special?

I think on .net side if you using the wsdl importer wizard it will
create a person class. So i dont see foresee any problem. Should be
straightforward. and should work 


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