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Subject Deploying the client
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 13:21:31 GMT
Hi there,

I'm using Axis 1.0 and I set up the server. It is running and a normal small
client is able to invoke the methods. Also Serialization/DeSerialization of
JavaBeans works perfectly.
I wrote the client, as it is described in the userguide:

Service service = new Service();
Call call = (Call)service.createCall();

call.registerTypeMapping(beanClass, beanQName, new
org.apache.axis.encoding.ser.BeanSerializerFactory(beanClass, beanQName),
new 	org.apache.axis.encoding.ser.BeanDeserializerFactory(beanClass,

QName operation = new QName(nameSpace, methodName);
Object returnval = call.invoke(invokeArgs);

Now I want to go further with deployment on the client-side. I think there
are two ways: Using a wsdd-file or by using the wsdl2java-framework. Or did
I misunderstand something? Where can I learn something about that? I read
the articles on apache org about this, but I think they dont describe well.
Because they just dont explain how to really work with the generated files.
I already tried to include a wsdd-file by using class WSDDDocument but I
didnt manage that to the end.
I also generated the files by using wsdl2java, but I dont know how to handle
these files! How to use the Stub, and the BindingImpl, the Locator and
Factory. What do this classes describe?

Every help is appreciated!

Greetings from Hamburg/Germany

Sebastian Beyer

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