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From easter <>
Subject So how do non-Microsoft people consume web services?
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 13:24:16 GMT
I've gone through the process now of publishing a bunch of web services, 
hand writing all the WSDL descriptions, deploying them in Axis-apache 
etc, and now want to verify the exposed functionality is in line with 
how people will actually integrate them into their applications.

I suppose in the Micro$oft world there's Visual XXXX with a nice UDDI 
component, and some automagical import of services, allowing you to drag 
and drop away, chaining together your application.

What about other IDE's? I've checked NetBeans, Eclipse, and none seem to 
automate/support building applications using web services, and you have 
to manually do all the code yourself, even though this is obvious from 
the WSDL description. I don't mind scribbling a few SOAP requests 
together, but current support for all that WSDL info is zero!
Something along the lines of a WSIF is what is needed, but integrated to
an IDE such as NetBeans.

Does anyone have any suggestions of easier ways to build web 
applications, or is the field still too cutting edge?


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