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From Aaron Hamid <>
Subject How can I easily add a header?
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 14:07:57 GMT

   I want to add a header (which is ultimately added to the HTTP 
headers) which is settable at the Service level.  Take for instance the 
HTTP Authorization header.  Unfortunately there appears to be no way to 
set a set of generic properties which are passed along in a 
transport-specific manner.  This is what I have had to do:

1) Subclass Service so that createCall returns a custom Call subclass
2) Subclass Call to override the setRequestMessage() method, which is 
called during invocation.  In this method, set the property 
"Authorization" in the RequestMessage's MessageContext.  This will go 
into a hashtable of properties/headers.

3) Now EDIT HTTPSender class to ALLOW this header through.  By default 
HTTPSender blatently *ignores* any interesting HTTP headers, meaning our 
"Authorization" header will be ignored even if we set it:

Axis 1.0 HTTPSender, line 319

                 // DO NOT IGNORE!
                 //} else if 
(key.equalsIgnoreCase(HTTPConstants.HEADER_AUTHORIZATION)) {

4) Even if we do all this, and finally manage to set this header in the 
MessageContext properties which will be written out on the HTTP request, 
the invoke() method in Call, immediately *reset()s* the MessageContext 
after setRequestMessage() but before making the call.  The reset() 
method of MessageContext() wipes out all properties!:

Axis 1.0 Call, line 1993

     public void invoke() throws AxisFault {
         if (log.isDebugEnabled()) {
             log.debug("Enter: Call::invoke()");

         Message      reqMsg  = null ;
         SOAPEnvelope reqEnv  = null ;

         msgContext.reset(); // <--- here

Axis 1.0 MessageContext, line 976

     public void reset()
         if (bag != null) {
	    // our property we set in setRequestMessage()
             // is now cleared!
             // we must comment this block if we want it to stick
         serviceHandler = null;
         havePassedPivot = false;
         currentOperation = null;

After doing all these things, and making modifications to the Axis 
library, I can finally get my header through (I don't know what the 
ramifications of not clearing the MessageContext properties before each 
call is, but I don't have much of a choice).

My question is: is there a better way than this??

Aaron Hamid
Cornell University

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