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From Gene Chuang <>
Subject Re: returning an array of beans (or: why i'm going insane)
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2002 00:11:44 GMT

Heh, I went through the same rigamarole last week to get Axis to deploy my service that has
an array of JavaBeans. Here's how I attacked this problem:
According to the docs, just editing the deploy.wsdd to add JavaBean serialization entries
should be good enough.  However, because XML namespace syntax is nearly impossible to understand,
and the docs doesn't show a full example of the wsdd, I had to create just this entry manually
by doing the Java2WSDL->WSDL2Java roundtripping.  Here are the steps:
1)  run Java2WSDL to get the wsdl file
2) copy this file to a temp directory and run "WSDL2Java -s" to get the deploy.wsdd and not
have your classes stomped
3) Manually edit the new deploy.wsdd, remove all the extraneous elements:  wsdlServiceElement,
wsdlServicePort and wsdlPortType.  Change className back to your original service class. 
And note there should be at least 2 typeMapping entries, YourJavaBean and ArrayOfYourJavaBean!
 The latter is what you're missing, and is not explained in the docs.  Furthurmore, all that
complex XML-namespace-to-java-package-mapping are annotated correctly.
4) Replace your original wsdd with the new one and deploy.

I'm sure Marc and I aren't the first or last to come across this problem.  I blame it on the
following factors:

- XML Namespace is possibly the most confusing spec I've ever encountered and makes it hard
to handcode your own wsdl or wsdd.
- Axis docs doesn't provide details on array-of-JavaBean serialization, and this practice
is very common in the real business world.
- WSDL2Java is stomping our implementation class!  According to the docs, "When WSDL2Java
is asked to generate the implementation template (via the --server-side flag), it will ONLY
generate it if it does not already exist.  If this implementation already exists, it will
not be overwritten."  This is not the case!

Apache can't do much about Namespace complexity, but I hope it can rectify its documents and
WSDL2Java tool!


Marc Esher <> wrote:Hi all,
I've been struggling with this for quite some time now, and it's time to
post as I am about to go insane. Note that I posted this problem to the
comp.lang.programmer group before receiving my subscription activation for
this list. Here goes:

I have a class that returns an array of javabeans (ArticleBean). I want to
expose this class as a web service using Axis. So far, I've been successful
publishing/consuming simple web services, but I've had no success with
anything that returns beans...even the provided sample won't work for me.

Here's the relevant axis code from the web service client:
String endpoint =
Service service = new Service();
Call call=null;

call = (Call) service.createCall();
call.setTargetEndpointAddress( new );
QName qn = new QName( "urn:ArticleBean", "ArticleBean" );
call.registerTypeMapping(ArticleBean.class, qn,
org.apache.axis.encoding.ser.BeanSerializerFactory(ArticleBean.class, qn),
call.setOperationName( new QName("ArticleSearchImpl", "searchByDoi") );
call.addParameter("doi", XMLType.XSD_STRING, ParameterMode.IN);
call.setReturnType( XMLType.SOAP_ARRAY );
ab = (ArticleBean[]) call.invoke( new Object [] {doi});

And here's the deployment descriptor:



If I view the wsdl at
I get the following error: (snip) The value of the attribute "xmlns:tns1" is
invalid. Prefixed namespace bindings may not be empty

If I invoke a the client class (snippet above), I get "no deserializer
defined for array type" in the error message.

So.....I tried another approach:

put my ArticleSearchImpl class into a package (ArticleSearch).
use java2wsdl on this class; then, use wsdl2java, putting the auto-generated
files into package This worked well. however, it also
put a new version of my ArticleBean class into this package as well, and the
deploy.wsdd points to this bean. Then, I use the auto-generated
ArticleSearchImplSoapBindingImpl to wrap my original class, something like

import ArticleSearch.ArticleSearchImpl;
public class ArticleSearchImplSoapBindingImpl implements
ArticleSearchImpl searcher = new ArticleSearchImpl(); //my original

public[] searchByAuthor(java.lang.String
author) throws java.rmi.RemoteException {
return searcher.searchByAuthor(author);

The problem is that my original class returns an array of
ArticleSearch.ArticleBean, not an array of
Sticking ([]) in front of the return value
didn't help, either, as I suspected it wouldn't. So now I've progressed
somewhat from my original problem, but i'm still stuck. I cannot believe
that it's all that difficult to create this sucker, so I know I'm doing
stupid things wrong.

Since there is no documentation on the axis site for returning an array of
beans, I'm appealing to you all for help.



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