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From "Vlad Umansky" <>
Subject return false has no effect on JAX-RPC handler's handleRequest
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 15:15:02 GMT
This is an excerpt from the javadoc for class 
javax.xml.rpc.handler Interface Handler

"public boolean handleRequest(MessageContext context)

Return false to indicate blocking of the request handler chain. In this
case, further processing of the request handler chain is blocked and the
target service endpoint is not dispatched. The JAX-RPC runtime system
takes the responsibility of invoking the response handler chain next
with the SOAPMessageContext. The Handler implementation class has the
the responsibility of setting the appropriate response SOAP message in
either handleRequest and/or handleResponse method. In the default
processing model, the response handler chain starts processing from the
same Handler instance (that returned false) and goes backward in the
execution sequence."

It seems that even when I return false, the endpoint service is still
getting executed and returns a proper response.

    public boolean handleRequest(MessageContext context) {


	if ( error )            
		return false;


  	return true;

Can someone please advise if this approach is correct, or what am I
doing wrong?

Thanks, Vlad

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