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From "gautham chitupolu" <>
Subject Re: Axis1.0 and websphere
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 19:24:31 GMT
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<P>It works fine with tomcat. I am using websphere 4.0.4</P>
<P>I&nbsp;deployed Axis1.0 as seperate webapp in websphere.</P>
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<BR><BR>You said it "works fine". In what environment? Tomcat? <BR><BR>Are
you using WSAD or deploying into WebSphere? <BR><BR>I have Axis 1.0 running in
WSAD 4.0. <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>"gautham chitupolu"
<GAUTHAMKUMAR@HOTMAIL.COM><BR>11/14/2002 09:38 AM <BR>Please respond to
axis-user <BR><BR><BR>To: <BR>cc: <BR>Subject:
Axis1.0 and websphere <BR><BR><BR>Hi, <BR>I have deployed 2 webapps
- one for my application and another Axis1.0. It <BR>works fine. <BR>I am trying
to use the same setup with websphere 4.0 as 2 seperate <BR>webapps. I am getting the
following error. <BR><BR>Class javax/xml/rpc/Service violates loader constraints:
definition <BR>mismatch between parent and child loaders <BR>java.lang.LinkageError:
Class javax/xml/rpc/Service violates loader <BR>constraints: definition mismatch between
parent and child loaders <BR><BR>I know its something related to jar files loading.
I tried replacing <BR>xerces.jar and jaxrpc.jar in the websphere, but didnot work. Can
someone <BR>throw some suggestions? <BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR><BR><BR>MSN
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