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From "Asbell, Jonathan" <>
Subject RE: JMS sample - (CLARIFICATION)
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2002 21:16:34 GMT
Can I get a clarification on JMS and AXIS (or any webservice for that
matter).  If you wrap a webservice call in a jms call, all that really does
is spin off a thread.  However, the http call initiated inside the thread
itself is still synchronous.  That is, the webservice call can timeout
within the jms thread waiting for its response.  Am I correct?

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From: Kevin Wang []
Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2002 3:47 PM
Subject: RE: JMS sample

Hi Jaime,

Can I archieve this using AXIS API:
VM1 --(request)--> VM2 --(forward request)--> VM3 --(response)--> VM1?
(do we need change the code to allow user set replyTo to a nontemporary
wellknown destination?)

or I have to use this way:
VM1 <--(request/response)--> VM2 <--(request/response)--> VM3?


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