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From "Russell Brown" <>
Subject EJBs deployed as webservices continued
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 16:00:56 GMT
Hi again,
Thanks everyone for all your help to date: here is where I am now.

I bought the Axis book from wrox, and read the short appendix on deploying EJBs as web services.
They added the step of putting the jBoss jars into the lib directory of Tomcat ( a new one
on me ).

Not being on jBoss I added the j2ee.jar to the lib ( since I'm using Sun's RI ). Now when
I deploy the service I get the same basic behaviour which is:

Browsing the service URL results in a blank html page. 
Browsing the services url?wsdl results in a blank html page. 
Running the admin client list function shows that the service is deployed.
Browsing the list of deployed services in Axis shows a blank html page ( not even the original
getVersion service et al ) 
browsing these services urls and url?wsdl works.


So I wrote a client for the web service which when I run returns a huge amount of error data,
sifting through which gets me :

<b>root cause</b> <pre>java.lan g.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/ejb/EJBObject
at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass0(Native Method) .

Which is at least progress. 

So any ideas on what to do now, I've certainly RTFM and it hasn't helped.

The j2ee.jar is on the claspath, and in the Tomcat lib dir and in the WEB-INF lib dir for
Axis but still Tomcat cannot find the javax/ejb/EJBObject class.

If anyone can even give me mild encouragement I will buy them booze!!!

Thanks in advance


Russell Brown
Application Developer Plc
The Malthouse, Chadwick Street, Leeds LS10 1LJ
Telephone: 0113 222 9110

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