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From Olivier Gauwin <>
Subject complexType name=package.class
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 13:18:47 GMT
Hi there,

Just a short question, but I'm not really optimistic...
I have to use complexType like this (I must implement a specification so 
"I have to") :

<xsd:complexType name="MyPackage.MyClass">

I know it would be better to set name="MyClass" in a namespace 
corresponding to "MyPackage", but, well, I'm not making this 
specification, just implementing. This complexType is mapped to the 
MyPackage.MyClass java class on the server side.

The problem is on the client side. The WSDL2Java tool converts this 
complexType to a class named "MyPackageMyClass" (without point), not 
MyClass. So there are problems with the methods using this object, as 
you can imagine. I think this conversion is specified in the JAX-RPC 1.0 
specification, chapter 20, so IMHO it's not an Axis bug.

But is there a way to go through this problem ? For example an option 
for WSDL2Java to just keep "MyClass" as a class name ?

Thanks in advance,

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