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From "Paolo Paganotto" <>
Subject A question about complex types and architecture compatibility
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2002 09:50:08 GMT
I've developed, by following in part the precious guidelines of someone of
you (Mattia Dongili, Mahindra, Brian Ward who I thank very much) an app that
at client side (.NET aspx) packages two arrays of strings and send them to
the server (Axis1.0/Tomcat 4.1.12) that parses the two arrays, makes a SQL
query to an Access DB and returns a complex type;
this type is arranged as a java bean, and represents ONE ROW of the query
resultset. The type returned to the client is an ARRAY of this complex type.

The point is: the same classes, the same releases of the software involved,
the same applications WORK in Windows XP BUT NOT in Windows 2000.

In XP an array of one element (that is to say one row) is correctly returned
with the correct string fileds, while in Windows 2000 is returned just only
the array with one row but WITHOUT the fields, that is to say with NULL
fields elements.

I'm sure that everything should work, since in Windows XP it does! And does
it well, I have to say.

Someone knows what's going on?

Thank you very much,

Paolo Paganotto

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