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From Michael Brennen <>
Subject Re: Axis 1.0 Tomcat 4.1.12 Java 1.4.0_02 Installation tips
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 00:49:24 GMT

Thanks much for the reply, a few comments below.

On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, Steve Loughran wrote:

> > Okay, I'm willing to be the idiot that asks the stupid question with
> > the obvious answer that everyone else knows.  :)  How do you get
> > things to run with an empty CLASSPATH?  I thought jar files had to
> > be specifically included in order to make their contents available.
> well, there are classpaths and then there is the CLASSPATH env
> variable. Plus there is java/ext, but we wont go there for
> various reasons to do with serious classpath trouble.

As in specific classpaths on specific command lines?  Mabye the
obvious is escaping me here as to what else it might be.  That seems
to be happening a lot now.

> Adding stuff to CLASSPATH is generally dangerous because
> although it gets into every app, it gets into every app. Which
> stops you versioning things.

Exactly. :)

> > Everywhere I turn with axis/tomcat there are non obvious, non
> > documented CLASSPATH problems that are the cause of most of the
> > problems in what I've done so far.
> java1.4 has to take half the blame here -on java1.3 things 'just work' out
> the webapp, but java1.4 tried to "fix something" by only allowing special
> endorsed directories to implement javax.* and java.* classes, as they felt
> we idiot developers didnt know what we were doing. But in doing so they
> broke so many things, and axis on catalina is one of them. At least on some
> versons of catalina

We have to run java1.4 for the ssl stuff, and I wante to start with
the latest version of tomcat 4.1.  Sounds like I picked the right
combination to guarantee a better learning curve. :)

> > For example, I built axis from source last night and found problems
> > there because I did not have servlet.jar included in CLASSPATH when
> > I ran 'ant compile'; the problem only turned up later in run time
> > when the compiled jars blew up with servlet problems.  When I
> > recompiled with servlet.jar available to ant the error disappeared.
> > Is that the right solution?  I don't really know, but looking at the
> > error it seemed to be a thing to try, and somehow it worked.
> anything you add to ant_home\lib gets pulled into the classpath of all ant
> builds, to axis\java\lib in axis builds. So you can have stuff to hand
> without editing CLASSPATH.

Any particular recommendations for what needs to go there?  I assume
that symbolic links are okay, easier to revision as needed.  I'm
testing the set below now.

activation.jar@  junit.jar@  optional.jar  servlet.jar@     xml-apis.jar
ant.jar          mail.jar@   README        xercesImpl.jar@

   -- Michael

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