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From "Anthony Elder" <>
Subject Re: [WSIF] soap headers and attachments, in theory
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 09:30:30 GMT
Currently the WSDL specification does not have any way of defining headers
so this doesn't work as simply as you describe. Work is on going in this
area so this will change when the spec is revised.

For now, WSIF defines a context message associated with a WSIFOperation
which can be used for setting SOAP headers, for example:

       WSIFMessage context = op.getContext();
       context.setObjectpart( WSIFConstants.CONTEXT_SOAP_HEADERS,
soapHeaders );
       op.setContext( context );

where soapHeaders is a java.utl.list of DOM elements.

WSIF doesn't yet support SOAP attachments, this is being actively worked
on, the code is in the test.proposals package.


> Based on a quick reading of the SOAP 1.2 specs, it appears that in WSDL,
> abstract <message> contains parts, some of which in the <binding> may be
> designated as soap headers or attachments.  Does this mean that in
> an Axis or WSIF client need only provide the input parts as named in the
> input <message>, and process whatever output parts come back in the
> <message> without ever having to know at the client level that some of
> are transported as headers or attachments?  Is this theoretical
> (if I haven't misinterpreted the specs) compromised by handling of
> Also, what are the current limitations of the support for headers and
> attachments?
> Jeff


Anthony Elder
Web Services Development
IBM UK Laboratories,  Hursley Park
(+44) 01962 818320, x248320, MP208.

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