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From "Vervoort, Claude" <>
Subject java2wsdl2java and exposing an existing service as a Web Service
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2002 20:44:30 GMT
I have a service that will be designed with jax-rpc binding in mind.
However this service should also be accessible from java/rmi client.
This service should therefore not have any Axis dependency nor be
re-written for Axis. 

Is there a way to use the java2wsdl2java to generate only the client
side classes and some tie classes, and keep my service untouched? 

I am looking for:
- keeping the original service class untouched on the server side (right
now the interface is re-written to be remote, which actually I think
should only apply to the client side version of the service)
- keep the Javabean untouched (the _Helper classes are mostly doing it)
- generate only a tie/skeleton class offering xml-rpc access to the
original service (quite close to the actual skeleton, it should not
require the pre-existing implementation to implement the axis-generated
service interface, nor to use axis-generated exceptions/javabeans).

What's the best approach (if any) to adopt?

I'd appreciate any help/insight on this!



(PS: I've tried wsdl2java -H -o clientsrc/ -s to generate client classes
only and modified the wsdd to use the original implementation, not the
skeleton. That worked but I guess it's too much of a short-cut, losing
those meta-data found in the skeleton).

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