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From "Volkmann, Mark" <>
Subject RE: Best Practices w/n Using Axis?
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2002 13:25:56 GMT
I don't personally like this approach.  I prefer to implement my services in
a "normal" Java class, not an EJB or a web service.  Then I write a web
service and a session bean that are essentially pass-throughs to the real
service implementation.

You can even create a "proxy locator" class that clients use to obtain a
proxy object that either invokes your service through a web service or a
session bean.  For Java clients, the client is then not aware of which
mechanism is being used.

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> From: Quinn, Kim John []
> Sent: Saturday, October 19, 2002 10:32 AM
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> Subject: Q: Best Practices w/n Using Axis?
> Hello all,
> Been using Axis now for a bit and really find it to work 
> great.  Now as I
> start to really implement it I have a few questions about 
> best practices
> when using it, specifically when using it with EntityBeans or 
> Sessions of
> J2EE.
> What I have been doing is creating my beans as normal in J2EE 
> then building
> a webservice that acts as a proxy to the bean as opposed to using the
> EJBProvider itself.  Is this an acceptable way of building a 
> webservice that
> needs to attach to a enterprise object?
> Any insight would be appreciated...
> Thanks.

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