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From "Sapozhnikov, Michael" <>
Subject RE: Problem with multiple imports...
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 15:19:41 GMT
As far as I know  WSDL's grammar for <import> is similar to xsd schemas'
grammar (only location is used enstead of schemaLocation) and in xsd schemas
you cannot use <import> when you use target namespace are the same, there is
an <include> for this. AFAIK, there is no <include> in wsdl so try to change
namespaces to something different in imported wsdl fragments.
WSDL spec ( <> ) has
comprehensive example in section 2.1.2. 

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From: Alex Huang []
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 5:42 PM
Subject: Problem with multiple imports...

In an effort to organize a rather large set of API commands in wsdl, we
decided to break the wsdl file into multiple files and use import.  Each of
these files have their own type, message, port, binding but no service.
Each file uses the same namespace.  I have a master file that imports all of
these files and declare one service.  However, I'm getting a weird condition
that only the first import appear in the generated files and the subsequent
imports simply disappear.  If I only have one import then everything is


Please note that each wsdl file are using the same namespace, same port
name, and same binding name.  I'm not trying to partition the api into
different ports.  I'm merely trying to divide up the wsdl file so it's
easier for me to manage.


Am I doing this incorrectly?


Any suggest would be welcome.



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