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From Ricky Ho <>
Subject Re: Session handling
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2002 16:57:58 GMT
You are using different stub for different user.  Do you put the each stub 
in the HttpSession ?  How do you get a particular stub ?

Rgds, Ricky

At 08:21 PM 10/23/2002 -0500, Sandeep G Nijsure wrote:
>Hi all,
>Could someone plz. explain me the diff between session management using
>cookies and SOAP headers? What is the default in Axis?
>I have the following problem:
>I am talking to a Axis based web service from inside a Jetspeed portlet
>(for our purpose, we can assume it's a servlet). Different users access
>the servlet from various machines, and the servlet container maintains
>their sessions.  Now I want to maintain sessions between the servlet
>container machine and the web service. I am using
>stub.setMaintainSession(true), but it's not doing the trick.
>The reason is service requests from different users come from the same
>machine (the servlet container machine), so that the web service thinks
>that it's the same session, even if I am using different stubs for
>different users.
>Does SOAP header based session management solve this problem? If yes, how
>do I switch to it from Cookie-based?
>Thanks in advance

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