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From Mike Hearn <>
Subject Re: XML and web services
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 14:02:01 GMT
The best way in theory is to simply pass DOMs in whichever languages you 
are using. The SOAP engine then uses literalXML encoding to make it 
happen - but this functionality is broken in Axis at the moment it 
appears, and seems to have been for some time.

This is really quite a serious issue if it really is a bug, and I intend 
to chase the developers about it either this week or next. If/when I 
find a solution/write a patch I'll let you know. For now you can pass 
strings back and forth, or use the message form.

thanks -mike

Barry Lulas wrote:

> I realize this is an Axis user group, but I wanted to pick your brains 
> on a related issue. 
> I have a generic web service that I deploy via Axis.  The web service 
> takes in an XML file as a request and returns an XML file as a 
> response.  My question is what is the best way to pass XML data 
> to/from a web service?  Should I simply use strings?
> Any advise would be appreciated...

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