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From Mike Hearn <>
Subject Re: wsdl questions
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 14:21:26 GMT
Are you confused about what to do with these classes?

You need to compile the and files, then deploy 
them to axis by writing a wsdd file (instructions for how to publish the 
web service). The WSDL is not important for deployment, I assume you 
must have used to to generate the file.

Compiling the classes can be a bit fun, but that's why we have Axis to 
help out with setting classpaths etc. You need to have Axis installed 
properly in Tomcat for deployment to work properly.

>But when I
>undeploy the WidgetPrice service everything goes  back to normal i e the
>previously deployed services are shown again.
>How can that be?
I'm pretty sure (i may be wrong) that this is a bug in Axis - when 
something goes wrong, ie it can't load your class for whatever reason, 
instead of displaying an error, it just displays nothing at all. Try 
checking the tomcat logs, or experimenting with the deploy options - 
Axis/Tomcat must be able to load the class using its classloader - I put 
my classes in the axis web-inf/classes directory (this is on linux btw).

any help?
thanks -mike

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