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From Simon Hargreaves <>
Subject Re: Message service examples w/ documents?
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 08:31:08 GMT
The method I've seen for doing this is when using JAXM and having the 
XML document as an attachment and using SOAP headers for specifying end 
points like in ebXML.


Michael Hudson wrote:

>There are no good examples in the Axis documentation for using the
>messaging mechanism (as opposed to RPC) in SOAP for sending just a single
>XML document and getting an XML document back.  The docs show you the
>method signature for the web service, but no examples for calling it.
>The Message class takes an Object in its constructor that could be an
>InputStream representing an XML document for the SOAP Body... however,
>this doesn't seem to work anymore in RC2 (though it worked in RC1).
>Now it seems that the only way to get the Document to Document thing to
>work is to create a SOAPBodyElement with the document's root element and
>pass that as a parameter to Call's invoke.  Though it seems to work, using
>the setRequestMessage method seems so much cleaner... or even some way of
>directly telling the SOAPBody object what it's XML should be would be
>Any suggestions?

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