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From <>
Subject RE: custom exception not thrown anymore
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 12:25:37 GMT
> And custom exception handeling work.

Yes, with limitations. 

> There are limitation, the class generated with the wdsl, should not
> contains any fields. 

:) Which means that you cannot have your own faults. You can however
build one if you manipulate the detail field in an AxisFault. 

> By custom exception handling, does not simply mean, throwing 
> exception that
> have other fields that the AxisFault ?

Something like that. But in the current implementation you can basically
throw away your generated exception classes and use AxisFault instead. 
Anyway if you cannot have your own fields than it doesn't really matter
whether your exception is called AxisFault or MyFault. :(

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