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From "davout" <>
Subject RE: Deploy Error
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2002 12:35:19 GMT

I understand what you're saying, but still think that you need to document
this somewhere, ideally in some form of dependency statement.

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From: Sam Ruby []
Sent: 22 June 2002 11:16
Subject: Re: Deploy Error

davout wrote:

> Thanks.... but I'm not sure if that's necessarily what I'm after.
> Basically if you're employing source from other projects you need to
> advise us what the version/time line we need to include from those
> other projects.
> For instance are you using Xerces 1 or Xerces 2??  If its Xerces 1
> then is it Xerces V1.4.4? Or if its Xerces 2 is it V2.0.2??
> Get the idea?

Here are the versions that were used to produce the latest beta:

It's odd that the version of Xerces 2 was not noted.  The latest at the
time was Xerces 2.0.1.

As a general rule, each Axis release is built and tested using the
latest released version of each of its dependencies at the time of the
release.  If people express a need for specific other versions of  a
dependency to be supported, efforts will be made to accomodate,
particularly if patches or detailed bug reports are provided.

- Sam Ruby

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