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From "davout" <>
Subject RE: Access to soap message header?
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2002 19:41:18 GMT
I don't see this as a design flaw.  And I don't see why is there a need
(for WS-Coordination and WS-Transaction) to access the original header
information from the original sender ? (the "co-ordination context"
information embedded by WS-Transaction into the SOAP header is purely
read-only and won't be modified along the handler).

Because they put co-ordination reference points, co-ordination server
addresses and transaction ID's in the header area!

One of the IBM concept papers uses the example of a travel company
co-ordinating three bookings using this facility through three separate
calls to different travel provider web services: like an airline ticket
booking system, a hotel reservation system and a care rental booking system.

If any of these single target services cannot confirm the requested
reservation then all three are rolled back.

You can imagine an airline booking web service with a method like....

	int bookticket(int agent, String PassengerName, String fromAirPort, String

With the WS-Transaction/Coordination data in the soap message header,
somehow this web service now has to determine that its part of a
distributed. Unless the Java method can gain access to this header data I
don't see how it can work??

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