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From "Tuan Le Viet" <>
Subject Dynamic publishing
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2002 05:13:04 GMT
Hi there,

Does Axis support "dynamic publishing"? 

My intention:

+I have a class called BankAccount with 3 methods:

           +void deposit(int amount)

           +void withdraw(int amount)

           +int checkBalance()

+I have a class Bank, which have 1 method: String getAccount(String accountNo). 

+I statically publish it as Web service, users will call getAccount method to get the URL
to BankAccount web service, for example: if user called getAccount("12345"), URL returned
is: http://somehost/axis/services/account12345

+users then interact with this BankAccount webservice to deposit, withdraw, checkBalance.

+In order to achieve this, it's required to dynamically publish each BankAccount instance
as a web service.

Is this possible with Axis?

I would really appreciate any pointers.





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