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From "Jung, Eric (Contractor)" <>
Subject RE: server-config.wsdd - won't write!
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 23:10:53 GMT
I, too, have problems with this and can't really nail down exactly when
server-config.wsdd is written
(other than when a service is deployed/undeployed).

-Eric Jung

-----Original Message-----
From: Dan Kamins []
Sent: Monday, September 23, 2002 6:06 PM
Subject: server-config.wsdd - won't write!

Various permutations of this question have come up a few times on this list,

and it seems no consistent solution has been presented.

I'm using Axis 1.0rc1.  I have my server-config.wsdd file in my Axis WEB-INF

directory.  When I start Axis (within Tomcat), it reads the file just fine 
and provides whatever services are described.  No errors anywhere.

I can furthermore use the AdminClient to deploy new services, which work and

show up in the service list ("java org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient 
list").  This returned service list *looks* like a new server-config.wsdd 
file, but that file itself is not updated.

The server-config.wsdd file is *never* written, and when I quit Axis/Tomcat 
(using "catalina stop") and start it up again, it rereads the config file 
and I have to redeploy everything.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it *was* working for me before (when the 
server-config file was in the wrong place and I was getting errors, but it 
was writing it anyway...), and that perhaps something odd has changed in my 
config somewhere (such as I moved the server-config.wsdd to the "right 

When is the server-config.wsdd file SUPPOSED to get written?  On a change?  
On shutdown?  Where is it supposed to be?  I'd love to download a newer 
release, but the download pages have been white and empty for a couple days 
now.  Any clues?

Thanks for the help, and I'm sure a good response will help lot of other 
people who are equally frustrated getting this seemingly simple server setup

to work.

Dan Kamins

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