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From "Jung, Eric (Contractor)" <>
Subject RE: Auto-Start an Axis WEB Service (ie: daemon)
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 21:38:49 GMT
I also do what Bob does.

The idea is you start Tomcat in your environment with Axis and your web
service classes and libs in the usual places (webapps/axis/WEB-INF/classes
and webapps/axis/WEB-INF/lib). Then you use deploy.wsdd to deploy your
services. As a result of this, Axis creates a file called
service-config.wsdd . It is this file that Axis reads (if it exists) each
time it starts up to automatically deploy services which were deployed the
last time it was running.


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From: Smith, Larry []
Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 5:28 PM
To: ''
Subject: RE: Auto-Start an Axis WEB Service (ie: daemon)

So, you don't use the Axis deployment scheme (where your WEB Service 
is under <Tomcat>/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/classes/mynamespace/myservice.class),
and you 
don't use the Axis deploy.wsdd & undeploy.wsdd? 
I'm not yet well versed in Tomcat-Servlet versus Axis-WEB-Service mechanisms

and nuances... 
Thanks & Regards, 
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From: Bob Cotton [] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 3:56 PM 
Subject: Re: Auto-Start an Axis WEB Service (ie: daemon) 

>>>>> "Larry" == Larry Smith <Smith> writes: 
    Larry> I haven't been able to figure out how to auto-start a WEB 
    Larry> Service under Axis. 
    Larry> The goal is to have a WEB Service that starts running as 
    Larry> soon as Tomcat starts.  This WEB Service runs forever 
    Larry> monitoring special events happening on the machine and 
    Larry> dispatches (fire-and-forget) other WEB Services to handle 
    Larry> each event. 
    Larry> Is this scenerio possible?  If so, how? 

Include as part of your deployment under tomcat (assuming a .war) a 
fully formed <mywebapp>/WEB-INF/server-config.wsdd 
We do this by deploying all the services we need, then checking in a 
copy of this .wsdd file. We include that in the .war, and when tomcat 
starts Axis thinks the services are deployed. 
- Bob 

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