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From James <>
Subject Re: Accessing Axis Web Service from VB with MS-SOAP
Date Sun, 29 Sep 2002 01:54:54 GMT
Dan Kamins wrote:

> Andrea, please try to be more explicit than "My current error comes 
> from VB, indicating that the parameter I am passing is not correct."  
> What is the error?  You'll get better help if you're specific.  Plus 
> in the future when somebody has the same problem, they can search the 
> mail archives to see how it was solved. 

  This may be the same problem I reported on Friday, but am trying to 
figure out how to explain.

  I think it has to do with the fact that the on-the-fly wsdl file is 
incorrect, though the output from java2wsdl is correct. So, when it 
comes time for the parser to determine which method to call, it calls 
the wrong one.
  So, I think the problem is correct, though an error message typed in 
may have been useful.


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