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From "Tim Kitchens" <>
Subject Is Axis DII SOAP 1.1 compliant?
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 11:24:00 GMT
Here's the scenario:
- I define my own type of ArrayOfAccount in my service's WSDL.  One of the operations returns
this type.
- I write a client using the Axis Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII).
- When I run the client, no deserializer can be found for ArrayOfAccount, which is returned
by the service. (I've seen postings on this list about this, but haven't come across a good
- I switch the client to use the stub that's generated by WSDL2Java, instead of the DII.
- The client invokes the service and a deserializer is found for ArrayOfAccount.  Everything
works perfectly!

I've read the SOAP 1.1 spec and my interpretation is that support for arrays of user-defined
arrays is required.

So, my questions are:
1. Am I misinterpreting the SOAP 1.1 spec?  Are user-defined arrays a SOAP 1.2 requirement?
2. If it's a 1.1 requirement, are there any plans to have the DII provide complete support
for SOAP 1.1?
3. I haven't tried it, but would I run into the same problem using a dynamic proxy?
4. Should the service stub ALWAYS be preferred over the DII and dynamic proxy, when possible?
5. If anyone knows, am I going to find the same problems with client and/or service interoperability
between Axis and .NET?
6. Are there any good references someone can point me to that give advice on "pitfalls" to
avoid when designing SOAP 1.1 services, especially with regards to type definitions?

Help on any or all of these questions would be greatly appreciated.


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