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From Vikas Manocha <>
Subject Questions about SOAP Attachments
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2002 18:01:01 GMT
Hi Axis Users,

I am working on the design of a SOAP based web service
in which the service will need to send large amounts
of text data as part of the response. From what I have
read so far, SOAP attachments is one way to accomplish
this. gzip can be used to to compress the attachment
before sending it over the wire. But I still have
concern of transferring a huge attachment, and would
appreciate if people can answer the following

- Will this work or is there a better way to
accomplish this?
- Is there any limitation in SOAP or Axis for
attachment size? 
- Also does SOAP or Axis provide support for chunking
of attachment data? Or if one uses the HTTP transport,
it's automatically done at that level?



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